Noom Diet

What is a Noom Diet Plan? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Noom is a well-known app that helps people lose weight by influencing or changing their behavior. This app includes precious information related to food, nutrition, weight loss meals, mindful eating, and more. According to a recent survey, more than 40 million people use this app on a regular basis. From offering the proper diet chart to setting realistic fitness goals, Noom offers various facilities to all its members. This app was launched in 2016. Since then, people have showcased their faith in the noom diet plan, which enables them to achieve a healthy lifestyle by following the app’s guidance. An interesting fact about the Noom app is that it primarily focuses on human psychology and offers a sustainable and healthy lifestyle by influencing your behavior. Unlike a traditional diet plan, Noom doesn’t concentrate on restrictive eating. Beyond carbs reduction, noom can add more to your plate. In this article, we will talk about all the relevant information regarding this unique diet plan.

Understand the Basics of Noom Diet

Noom app has highly skilled fitness coaches dedicated to guiding every member. According to professional fitness coaches, weight loss is not just about restricting calorie intake. It requires much more than that. Beyond limiting your carbs intake, the Noom diet offers a holistic and disciplined lifestyle that effectively speeds up your weight loss journey. Also, Noom health coaches focus on discovering the psychological factors behind your weight gain issue. It tries to erase the problem from its roots.

How Does a Noom Diet Plan Work?

As mentioned, Noom has more than 40 million active users. Here, the users need to buy a Noom subscription plan. Such subscription plans include various features such as customized diet plans, personalized workout charts, weekly articles on weight loss, progress trackers, and more. Initially, noom asks its subscriber to participate in a quiz round. Such quiz rounds contain questions about height, age, gender, weight, workout status, health issues, etc. After gathering all the needed information, Noom uses its advanced algorithm to generate a personalized diet plan for you. However, remember, Noom not only offers a diet chart; it offers a holistic lifestyle that supports weight loss.

What Are Some Great Features of the Noom Diet Plan?

The Noom app is receiving overwhelming responses from every corner of the world. The app’s advanced features are the primary reason behind this hype. Let’s talk about some of those brilliant features of the Noom Diet Plan.

Personalized Guidance & Constant Support

Different bodies require different diet plans, workout charts, and motivational support. Therefore, this app offers personalized guidance to each member. Noom has a great team of dedicated health coaches who can design customized diet plans. These coaches are always here to answer your queries, offer guidance, and motivate you throughout this weight loss journey. If you have any questions, you can always ask your assigned health coach.

Color-coded system

The most exciting feature of a noom diet plan is its color-coded system. Dieticians categorize foods into three color categories: green, Yellow, and Red. Sounds interesting, right? Let’s gain some more insights about this unique diet feature.

Green foods stand for less calorie intake

Here, the health coaches advise people to start their weight loss journey with green food. They encourage members to consume fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits, whole grains, and everything that’s green and organic. This diet plan aims to fulfill nutritional requirements without increasing calorie intake.

Yellow foods support Proportion Control

According to Noom’s advisors, Yellow foods contain moderate amounts of calories. These foods include lean proteins, healthy fats, and a few dairy products. They support proportion control and offer energy. They are also rich in healthy fibers and various antioxidants, fulfilling your nutritional needs seamlessly.

Red foods should be restricted

This red food category belongs to processed foods, oily junk food, and fried snacks. Unlike traditional diet plans, Noom dieticians don’t believe in restricting these foods altogether. They might allow you to eat them once a week. These foods are comparatively rich in unhealthy saturated fats.

Behavioral counseling

This noom diet plan aims to offer a sustainable and healthy lifestyle to all active users. Here, the counselors motivate the users through interactive life sessions. Each member receives constant motivation, effective workout plans, informative articles, and more. Noom always tracks the progress of each user using its advanced algorithms and encourages them to reach their fitness goals.

What Are Some Great Benefits of the Noom Diet?

As mentioned earlier, Noom is one of the most effective weight loss apps. This app offers several benefits, such as

  • Noom’s diet involves a personalized approach. Every user receives a customized diet chart supporting their weight loss journey. Noom uses personal information users provide to generate a customized diet plan. Its algorithm-based analysis offers a tailored diet plan to suit your nutritional needs.
  • Beyond a diet chart, Noom focuses on behavioral changes to support this weight loss journey. It addresses and improves psychological and emotional factors influencing weight loss.
  • Unlike the traditional diet plan, the Noom diet is not that strict. It lets you please your taste buds for once in a week. While traditional diet plans say a big no to calorie intake, the Noom diet focuses on a balanced diet.
  • Noom app offers a personalized workout chart to incorporate with your daily diet plan. This app encourages you to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Noom’s diet might take more time to produce the desirable result; however, the result is more sustainable and worth the effort.

Final Thoughts

Unlike a traditional diet plan, the Noom diet doesn’t only focus on reducing carb intake. Instead, it tries to offer a healthy and holistic lifestyle. Individuals seeking permanent weight loss must opt for this advanced diet plan. Although it takes some time to produce a visible result, it is worth your trust and effort. Thus, this diet plan is an effective solution for everyone seeking positive lifestyle changes.