Skin Crawling

Everything You Need to Know About Skin Crawling

Skin crawling is a very annoying sensation; it makes you feel like something is crawling continuously on your skin. Many people have experienced this weird sensation where they feel something crawling on their skin when there is nothing. It is primarily a temporary sensation but feels annoying and quite uncomfortable. Although this crawling sensation is almost harmless, it can still become a worry.

Individuals who experience this specific sensation often look for instant relief, and they often ask the internet how to stop skin-crawling feeling. According to a current survey, this is one of the most searched questions on today’s internet. However, we must know more about it to discover a permanent remedy or eliminate this sensation. This article talks about everything one must know about skin crawling.

What is Skin Crawling?

As mentioned, before addressing the cure for this annoying skin crawling sensation, we must understand what skin crawling is and why it happens. It’s a skin sensation that makes you feel something is crawling on your skin, even though nothing exists on your skin. This condition is often referred to by another term, “formication,” where people often hallucinate with the thought that an insect is constantly crawling on their skin. Now, if you wonder how to stop skin crawling, we have got you covered. Finding this answer requires correctly understanding the reasons behind such weird sensations.

External Factors

External factors like dandruff, hair, dust, and small particles sometimes come across your forehead and make you feel like something is crawling continuously on your head. You might feel an insect constantly crawling on your skin and causing discomfort. However, the truth is that the above-listed physical stimulators cause this sensation.

Psychological issues

People with anxiety and panic disorder often come across such weird sensations. According to research reports, the skin-crawling sensation is a form of hallucination, affecting our thoughts and making us anxious about the presence of something that doesn’t exist. Individuals with severe psychological conditions like schizophrenia and psychosis often produce this hallucination symptom.

They usually get paranoid at the thought someone is trying to harm them. They start believing in black magic and often think someone has purposefully triggered such a sensation in them. So, if this sensation persists for longer, one may need to visit a mental health practitioner.

Over usage of Drugs

Certain drugs like LSD, Cocaine, Ketamine, Salvia, and Ecstasy are categorized as hallucinogenic drugs, making people constantly hallucinate with weird sensations and perceptions. People who are high on drugs may experience this skin-crawling sensation. They often feel some insects are crawling all over their body. This reaction is caused by the overconsumption of certain drugs, which affects the nervous system and causes annoying sensations. However, this sensation automatically gets reduced with time. Hospitalization might be required if this sensation becomes persistent for a longer time.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is another significant reason that leads to weird sensations, negative thinking, night sweats, and restlessness. During the period of menopause, a woman often experiences this skin-crawling sensation. However, this issue is naturally resolved after a few weeks. If you have been experiencing this issue for more than one week, you must seek the help of professionals.

Tips to Overcome Skin Crawling Sensation

We hope you have now gained proper insight into this skin-crawling sensation. So now let’s discover an answer for how to stop skin crawling feeling. Here, we are sharing some practical tips you must consider to eliminate such annoying sensations.

Adopt some hygiene-improving habits

As mentioned, poor hygiene is one of the root causes of this skin-crawling sensation. Hence, one must improve hygiene and cleanliness. Wear clean clothes. Also, wash your skin regularly to eliminate external pollutants like dust, dandruff, and mold. Furthermore, use fragrance less soaps or body wash to keep your skin clear. Also, engage in effective skin cleaning methods like scrubbing. Such skin cleaning method helps remove the external irritants and dead cells, eventually reducing this skin crawling sensation while rejuvenating your skin.

Engage in stress-coping techniques

As stress and anxiety are other significant reasons behind this skin-crawling sensation hence, practicing stress-coping techniques can be an effective remedy. Practice stress-reducing techniques like mindfulness, deep breathing, muscle relaxation, and meditation, gradually reducing skin crawling and promoting mental wellness. Also, practicing yoga and meditation in the early morning hours produces a desirable result, calming your mind and reducing this annoying sensation with time.

Avoid consuming drugs

Since consumption of harmful substances like LSD, Ecstasy, Cocaine, and Ketamine contribute to hallucinations, experiencing this crawling sensation is one of the most common hallucinations. Hence, one should be strict about drug consumption. Limiting recreational drugs is essential to avoid such annoying sensations.

Drink more water

Dehydration often increases skin sensitivity, contributing to discomfort and annoying sensations like skin crawling. Therefore, one must drink a healthy amount of water regularly. To avoid such irritating skin sensations, staying hydrated throughout the day is essential, reducing skin irritation and improving skin health.

Apply skin-soothing lotions

Skin crawling often causes itching and discomfort. Here, one can apply some skin-slothing gel, moisturizer or lotion. Skin lotions containing Aloe Vera extract can reduce this skin-crawling sensation effectively. Also, you can apply some gentle moisturizers that contain skin-calming properties like Menthol. Applying such effective skin-soothing lotions can eventually minimize skin discomfort and this skin-crawling sensation.

Visit a doctor

If the above-listed tips fail to provide a desirable result, we insist you visit a doctor or mental health professional. Let the experts discover the root cause behind this annoying skin sensation. Certain medications can help eliminate such annoying sensations, offering long-term relief without side effects. However, these medications must be prescribed by a qualified doctor.


Although skin crawling is an annoying sensation, with the correct methods and proper skincare routine, you can easily fight this sensation. You can easily cope with this irritating skin sensation by discovering the root causes, possibilities, and hidden stimulators. Just remember to stay gentle to yourself and do not ignore the importance of hygiene. You can achieve better comfort and wellness with the proper practices and effective stress-management strategies.