erectile dysfunction self-care

6 Effective Self-care Strategies to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction refers to a person’s inability to hold an erection long enough for sexual intercourse. According to statistical evidence, in the United States, more than 30 million men have erectile dysfunction. It doesn’t only impact their ability to perform sexual intercourse but also affects their self-esteem and relationship with their spouses. Although there are many advanced treatment options available, practicing erectile dysfunction self-care is the best way to prevent it. According to a recent survey, 10% of men every year get affected by erectile dysfunction. Despite being a common health issue, most people are unaware of the remedies to treat this condition. This article introduces some effective self-care strategies to eliminate this stubborn issue.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Before addressing the cure, let’s gain an understanding of Erectile Dysfunction and the root causes behind this condition.

Erectile Dysfunction, also known by the popular term “impotence,” impacts a person’s ability to perform sexual intercourse. A person with erectile dysfunction fails to hold the erection for a significant time, which affects their ability to achieve sexual pleasure through intercourse. Although occasional trouble regarding erection is probably harmless, however persistent erectile dysfunction often requires medical attention. Several factors are associated with this persistent issue of erectile dysfunction, such as:

  • Specific health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity
  • Psychological factors include stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Relationship problems with spouses
  • Oversmoking and excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Consumption of antidepressant medications and sugar-controlling drugs.

Self-care Strategies for Erectile Dysfunction

Although medical science has invented some advanced medical treatments to treat erectile abnormalities, however using some effective self-care strategies is the best and harmless way to improve erectile functions. Here, we are listing some effective erectile dysfunction self-care strategies that can provide a long-term solution to deal with this stubborn issue.

Follow a nutritious, healthy diet plan

Very few people know that certain foods are crucial in improving erection. A nutritious diet with enough fresh fruits, lean proteins, and healthy fibers improves overall well-being, including sexual health. Foods that are rich in antioxidants can enhance blood flow, which is beneficial for a healthy erection. Make sure to add berries to your daily diet. At the same time, offer yourself foods high in healthy fats and antioxidants, essential in cultivating erection.

Make exercise a part of your daily routine

These erectile dysfunctional issues can be cured by practicing specific exercises regularly. Adopting the habit of regular exercising will lead to better erection. Aim for a morning exercise session incorporating jogging, cycling, speed running, jumping jacks, high knee, swimming, and cross training. These exercises are great for cardiovascular health, gradually improving erectile functions. Invest 30 minutes for high-intensity workouts like strength training or weight lifting as you achieve more stamina. These exercises not only burn calories but also strengthen your libido and lead to a better sex life.

Try to Improve Your Sleep Quality

Research evidence has stated that sleeping disorders like sleep Apnea and Insomnia impact your sexual performance and eventually lead to more severe issues like erectile dysfunction. Therefore, you must pay more attention to improving your sleep quality. Having adequate sleep is one of those effective erectile dysfunction self-care strategies that increases stamina and recovers erection. Aim for 8 hours of uninterrupted sound sleep. For individuals with sleep disturbance issues, practice some bedtime relaxation. Limit your screen time before jumping into the bed. Invest some time for guided meditation to gain more peace before hitting the bed. Such relaxation techniques are effective in reducing sleep-related issues, gradually improving erectile functions and your overall wellbeing.

Say no to Tobacco Consumption

Excessive tobacco consumption is one of the root causes of erectile dysfunction. It can impact your libido and lead to poor erection. However, this problem can be solved by limiting tobacco consumption. Remember, smoking has the potential to impact your blood vessels which directly reduces the blood circulation in your penis. A lack of blood circulation often impacts your libido and the ability to hold an erection. Therefore, you must be strict about tobacco consumption and limit it as much as possible.

Manage your stress level attentively

Stress is a big hazard and affects your ability to perform sexual intercourse. Pre-intercourse stress is a serious issue that negatively impacts men’s confidence and makes them nervous while engaging in sexual intercourse. Such nervousness often affects their ability to maintain or hold an erection. Stress usually triggers such nervousness. It’s not only about the pre-intercourse stress but also external stress factors like hectic work schedules, personal conflicts, financial issues, etc. Practicing some stress-reduction methods like deep breathing, mindfulness, and yoga can help manage your stress level and offer a better sex life. Invest your leisure time in activities that make you happy. Such wise moves can help you to reduce your stress level, which eventually activates your libido and leads to a better erection.

Seek support from a therapist

Visiting a therapist or a counselor is one of the wisest forms of self-care. Sometimes, suppressed thoughts, fears, and dysfunctional relationships with your spouses impact your sexual performance. In such cases, you must seek support from a professional therapist. Your therapist will discover the root cause of such sexual abnormalities and will help you to resolve it. Furthermore, pre-intercourse tension is a potential risk factor for erectile dysfunction, which can be treated through therapies and counseling. Also, sometimes, your counselor may invite you to join a support group where you can freely discuss your issues with men experiencing similar problems. Such brave initiatives will uplift your confidence and eventually improve your sexual performance.


Although erectile dysfunction is a challenging issue, with these self-care strategies and proper treatment, you can achieve a permanent cure. Sometimes, all it requires is to be determined to consider healthy lifestyle choices and stick to them. By following the above-listed self-care strategies, you can significantly improve your sexual health. However, you must consult a doctor or a sexologist if this problem becomes persistent. With the proper treatment, you will achieve a speedy recovery soon.