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At worldheal.com, we aim to build a community of health-conscious people.

We seek talented writers who can write reader-friendly, high-quality content on health, fitness, fitness strategies, diet, illnesses and recoveries, healthy lifestyle tips, workout tips, medicine, and health transformation guides. If you consider yourself a good writer and are interested in writing some good articles and blogs on the following topics, we invite you to join our team.

We encourage professional writers, fitness bloggers, fitness influencers, nutritionists, doctors, and medical writers to join us as authors. By incorporating our team, you can share your valuable knowledge worldwide. We value and respect your insights and diversifying perspectives related to health and fitness.

So, let’s join our team as an author and help us build a community of health and fitness enthusiasts. Also, we would love to hear some interesting stories about your unique fitness journey. So feel free to write about your fitness journey that can inspire our readers.

Explore this excellent opportunity to educate people more about health and fitness. At worldheal.com, we invite you to flaunt your excellent writing skills and contribute to bringing more fitness awareness to this society. Here, we expect you to write SEO-optimized articles and blogs that our readers would love to read. Your advanced knowledge, excellent writing skills, and powerful insights on fitness will empower our readers to make wise choices about their health and fitness journey.

How Do I Submit My Writing?

Here at worldheal.com, we do not encourage purely promotional content. So, make sure to craft non-promotional content on the subjects related to health and fitness. Your knowledge and research are important to us, and we promise to offer you the reach and recognition your blogs and articles deserve.

Please do not submit plagiarized content, as our company is very strict about plagiarism. We use highly reliable software to detect plagiarism. Also, maintain the quality standard and ensure higher readability for pieces of every content. We want to offer our readers well-researched, high-quality content promoting health awareness.

To send your articles or blogs, please email us at jerryprasar(at)gmail(.)com. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Why Write for Us?

At worldheal.com, we aim to enlighten our readers about health and fitness. Here, we are committed to spreading more awareness related to health and fitness. When you decide to write for us, you get one step closer to enjoying the below-listed benefits

  • Make a positive change: Your health-related articles can significantly change our readers’ lives. Your powerful insights and well-researched information will contribute to a healthy society. So, by writing for us, you will embark on a journey of educating people about health and fitness choices.
  • Increase your reach: Our site, Worldheal.com, has a wide-ranging readership. So whenever you write an article or blog for us, you reach millions of readers who value your insights and expertise. 
  • Recognitions that you deserve: We appreciate your contribution to our platform. Here, we will publish each article with an author’s bio section. We are glad to offer you the recognition and praise you deserve as a dedicated author.

What Type of Articles/blogs Are We Expecting From You?

We are excited to cover a wide variety of health and fitness-related topics. So here we encourage you to write an article or blog in the following niches

  • Fitness tips
  • Natural weight loss
  • Healthy eating
  • Mindful eating
  • Exercises
  • Therapies and meditation
  • Yoga
  • Skincare
  • Mental wellness
  • Healthcare technology
  • Spa and Therapy
  • Keto diet
  • Women’s hygiene
  • Parenting and childcare
  • Chronic diseases

Our Target Readers 

Our target readers consist of every individual who is interested in making positive life changes. We aim to help everyone struggling with health issues and seeking an effective solution. As writers, we hope you will enjoy this journey of helping people with their fitness concerns.

Submission Guidelines (Dos and don’ts)

Here, we invite every passionate writer to provide us with some great quality content. But make sure to follow the guidelines below. Following this guideline will lead to a smooth and successful content submission.

  1. Do not copy: We do not accept any copied content. We believe copying someone else’s work is like stealing their intellectual property. So, we have a strict no policy against copied and plagiarized content. Also, we use highly reliable software to check the originality of all content that we receive. So here we advise you to submit unique and original content. Ensure the contents you submit haven’t been published yet on any other platform.
  2. Length of content: Write a blog or article within 1000-1500 words. Do not exceed the word limits unnecessarily. Also, make sure to cover all the issues that your article aims to address. 
  3. Images: Here, we allow all our writers to add meaningful and relevant images to their articles or blogs. Adding interesting images can enhance the overall quality of content. But make sure you are using royalty-free images. Please do not use any copyrighted images, as this can violate our company policy.
  4. Language pattern: Use an easy-to-understand tone while writing your blog or article. Do not use formal and flowery words much. Avoid using jargon words, as this can affect your readability. Use fact-based information and cite your sources carefully to make your article look authentic and well-researched.
  5. Formatting: Use a Word document to write an article or blog. Also, craft the entire content appropriately using proper headings, subheadings, bullet points, and number points. We expect to receive well-formatted content from all our writers.
  6. Add links: Here, we allow you to add reliable and reputed external or internal links to support the facts and information you mentioned in your article. Avoid using promotional or unnecessary links, which can kill the content’s originality.

Submission Procedure

To feature your article or guest post at our site, please email us at jerryprasar(at)gmail(.)com. Do not forget to add a subject line such as “article submission.” Our expert team will review your content soon and get back to you with the feedback. If we select your article for our site, you will receive another email where we will inform you about the further steps.