Root Causes of Hair Loss

6 Root Causes of Hair Loss & Some Effective Remedies to Treat It

Hair loss is a stubborn issue that impacts appearance and self-esteem. Research shows more than 300 million people worldwide suffer from extreme hair fall. In most cases, hair loss happens to be a sign of aging. However, there are more significant reasons behind sudden hair loss. Eating junk or unhealthy foods, excessive stress, and lack of nutrition are the most evident reasons for hair loss. Also, vitamin deficiency often triggers intense hair loss. You may be wondering which vitamin deficiency causes hair loss. Let’s enlighten you on this with some precious information. This article will educate you about the root causes of hair fall and how to eliminate it effectively.

Root Causes of Hair Loss

As mentioned, several significant causes trigger hair loss. Sometimes, people experience age-related hair loss, which is natural at a certain age. However, sudden hair loss can be concerning. How can we differentiate between age-related causes and other significant reasons for hair loss? Let’s learn more.

Age-related hair loss

One of the most possible causes of hair loss is aging. After a certain age, hair follicles become inactive and don’t produce new hair. This stage is called the Telogen stage; people experience huge hair loss. Also, at this phase, new hair growth becomes impossible. Therefore, people at such a stage often end up with thin hair, gradually losing hair volume and the chances for new hair growth. Men and women can both start to experience this stage in their middle 40s.

Hereditary factors

Research has found a strong positive correlation between heredity and hair loss. If you have a family history of baldness, there is a 75% chance that you will lose your hair gradually after a certain age. Hereditary hair loss occurs very slowly. People with a family history of hair loss may start losing their hair even at a very young age.


Malnutrition is when our body doesn’t receive its needed nutrients. Lack of proteins, calcium and iron often cause extreme hair fall. Also, some particular vitamins play a vital role in hair growth. If you ask which vitamin deficiency causes hair loss,We can say it’s vitamin B and E. Lack of vitamin E in your everyday diet may cause sudden hair fall. At the same time, zinc is essential to prevent unnatural hair loss. Lack of zinc in your everyday meals can contribute to extreme hair fall.

Hormonal effects

Sudden hormonal changes often contribute to severe hair loss. Certain conditions, such as childbirth, PCOD or PCOS, Thyroid diseases, pregnancy, and menopause, usually lead to hormonal imbalance, gradually triggering extreme hair loss. However, this condition is temporary and often resolved by certain medicines.

Medical conditions & Treatments

Certain medical conditions like Thyroid, liver disease and cancer can lead to sudden hair fall. Even treatments for these conditions can trigger severe hair loss, such as chemotherapy. Individuals who are going through chemotherapy sessions experience massive hair fall that eventually leads to baldness.

Chronic Stress

Chromic stress is a severe risk factor for hair loss, leading to extreme and persistent hair loss. Individuals who are experiencing chronic stress for a prolonged period often report massive hair loss. Stress management techniques might provide some relief; however, these techniques might take months to produce a desirable result.

Poor Lifestyle choices

Poor lifestyle choices like eating oily junk and drinking processed juice can often lead to extreme hair loss. Furthermore, using mobile phones until late at night affects your sleep and contributes to sudden hair loss. Likewise, excessive alcohol intake can cause hair loss even at a very young age. Therefore, we must say that poor lifestyle choices can directly impact your hair growth and gradually lead to massive hair loss.

How to Treat Massive Hair Loss

People who are experiencing persistent and massive hair loss must consult a doctor. Beyond medical treatments, some practical ways exist to treat or control such huge hair loss.

Eat balanced and nutritious meals

People experiencing such significant hair loss might need to check and change their everyday meals. Now that you are aware of which vitamin deficiency causes hair loss, you must eat fruits and vegetables that hold a higher amount of Vitamin B complex and Vitamin E. Also, add some seasonal fruits to your daily diet. Such fruits are rich in zinc and other essential antioxidants, fulfill your nutritional requirements, and prevent the risk of hair loss.

Take the right medicines

As mentioned, massive hair loss can result from severe health conditions like PCOD, PCOS, Thyroid disease, Liver dysfunctions, and cancer. Therefore, you must consult a health professional and take your medicines properly. These medicines can treat these conditions effectively, gradually restoring your hair growth.

Adopt healthy lifestyles

Adopting some positive lifestyle changes can benefit you directly. Getting proper sleep, working out in peace, and restricting alcohol intake are the wisest lifestyle choices, as well as improving hair health and resolving problems. At the same time, engage yourself in meditation, mindfulness, and positive thinking. Such healthy practices help you control your anxiety level, slowly reducing hair fall and boosting hair growth.

Take dietary supplements

If your everyday diet fails to meet the nutritional goals, there is no harm in taking some dietary supplements. Dietary supplements that contain zinc, iron and vitamin B complex can treat this stubborn hair loss issue, strengthening your hair follicles internally. However, you should always consult a dietician before consuming such dietary supplements. Also, remember nutritional supplements can’t ever replace the importance of healthy & mindful eating.

Final Thoughts

Extreme hair loss is a severe concern that affects a person’s appearance and self-esteem. Although age-related hair falls are hard to manage, with a few healthy lifestyle choices, you can always delay the process. Likewise, following the above-listed tips can help you cope with such an annoying issue. Make sure to remain consistent with such wise lifestyle choices, and it will ensure a sustainable result.