Weight Loss Journey

6 Tips to Stay Motivated Throughout Your Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss is not only about looking slim in front of the mirror; it’s more about staying healthy & fit. Thankfully, today’s generation is aware of the side effects of weight gain issues like obesity. As a result, we are seeing more determination and commitment toward fitness. Today’s youngsters are very mindful about visiting the gym, eating a balanced diet, having their post-workout protein shake etc. Although the beginning feels relatively smooth, most people struggle to remain consistent in their weight loss journey. They often expect rapid weight loss. And when their expectation doesn’t match with reality, they start lacking weight loss motivation and determination.

So, you see, starting this weight loss journey takes work. However, the real challenge is staying motivated throughout this weight loss period. It might take hard work, patience, and constant effort, but the result will be satisfactory. Let us help you regain the lost motivation. Here are some practical, motivational tips to stay determined throughout this weight loss journey.

Stay Informed and Be Realistic

People lose motivation when they fail to meet their expectations. Therefore, setting realistic expectations is essential. Although crash diet plans often lead to rapid weight loss, following one can cause severe health problems. Learn about the side effects caused by crash diet plans. Follow the news and stay updated. Do not believe everything you see on the internet.

Most youngsters think fasting and hardcore cardio can lead to quick weight loss. However, they don’t study or read the consequences of following such harsh steps. As a result, they often end up having severe health issues like low blood pressure, ulcers, and more. Such unrealistic fitness goals are the reason why people lose their patience and discontinue their fitness journey. Therefore, you must stay informed about the efficacy of a particular diet plan before following it.

 Refrain from expecting your workout routine to work like magic. Remember, it’s not rocket science; it will take the needed time to produce the desirable result. Therefore, you have to remain consistent about your workout routine and allow it some time to work in your favor. Setting such realistic goals will make this weight loss journey more effective and successful.

Set Smaller & Achievable Goals

The inspiring journey of 110 Kl to 70 Kl may motivate many people; however, people don’t elaborate on the struggle of holding their patience throughout their long-term weight loss journey. Remember, it doesn’t happen in some weeks. It might require 6 months or more even to recognize the progress.

Setting long-term weight goals like a challenge from 100 KG to 55 kg might feel heavy on you. Therefore, you must set smaller or short-term weight loss goals like losing 4 KG in three months. Such realistic small goals offer you the joy of achieving your target and make you more determined and focused.

Select Your Fitness Coach Wisely

A wise fitness coach can ease your weight loss journey and offer weight loss motivation and guidance. A professional fitness coach can do everything from preparing your workout chart to tracking your progress. Share your weight loss goals with your coach and let them push your boundaries. Your coach will constantly encourage you to eat healthy, attend those vital workout sessions and remain consistent about your journey. Also, your coach might introduce you to a fitness community where you will find individuals with similar goals. Interacting with such supportive people can motivate you to put more effort into this weight loss journey.

Learn More & Adopt Deliberately

The Fitness industry is growing daily, discovering advanced diet plans and supreme workout regimes. Therefore, you must stay updated and learn about different exercises, diet plans, and advanced weight loss strategies. Stay open to adopting new lifestyle changes. If your diet is not working correctly, be flexible and shift to a new diet plan. Remember, being willing to try new things will motivate you throughout this challenging journey.

Track Your Progress Regularly

Remember to track your progress regularly. From monitoring the efficacy of a diet plan to measuring the result of following an advanced workout routine, every small step makes you realize how far you have come and how close you are to reaching your goal. Even small achievements like losing 2 KG in 1 month can motivate you and boost your confidence. Try to maintain a journal where you can write about your daily progress, including that advanced exercise you have tried today. Tracking your progress is like constantly reminding yourself about your determination and consistency.

Celebrate Your Progress With Some Rewards

Reward yourself well every time you make significant progress. According to the famous behavioral expert B.F Skinner, positive reinforcement always increases motivation. At the same time, it encourages people to perform rewarding behavior again and again. Here, the rewards you offer yourself act like positive reinforcement and motivate you to do a better job. Therefore, you must praise yourself with exciting rewards like buying new clothes, a movie ticket, a spa day voucher or a new fitness tool.

Just remember to stick to the non-food rewards, as eating delicious junk as the reward for losing those extra pounds might impact your hard work. Also, it can cause bad eating habits, which are highly impactful for your weight loss journey.


Although external motivations can always push your boundaries, you must be willing to achieve an ideal body weight. Surround yourself with positive, fitness-enthusiast people who can add the needed motivation and cheer you up whenever you think of giving up. Remember, fitness is not about staying thin; it’s about staying healthy, active, and disease-free.