Causes of Bad Breathing

8 Effective Tips to Cure and Causes of Bad Breathing Issues

Bad breathing is a stubborn health issue commonly known as Halitosis. According to the survey reports, over 1000 million people worldwide suffer from bad breathing issues that impact their self-esteem and cause lots of discomfort. Individuals with this bad breathing issue often feel excessively conscious while interacting with others, affecting their self-confidence and social behaviors. Multiple factors can cause this bad breathing problem. Poor oral hygiene is one of the significant causes of bad breathing. Also, such bad breathing issue sometimes indicates underlying health issues. People with severe liver diseases often report experiencing a bad breathing issue for an extended period. Although bad breath is a stubborn problem, some practical tips exist to manage or combat it. Here, we will address some effective remedies for bad breathing. We hope these tips help you to breathe fresh and bid farewell to all the discomforts.

Significant Causes of Bad Breathing

Invest in good oral hygiene

As mentioned, poor oral hygiene is one of the most significant causes of bad breathing. Therefore, you must invest in good oral hygiene by cultivating excellent oral practices. Remember to brush your teeth properly twice a day. Use a fluoride-based toothpaste to reduce the risk of oral inflammation. At the same time, use a tongue cleaner right after lunch and dinner. Such healthy habits will prevent bacterial accumulation, preventing the future risk of gum disease. 

Furthermore, floss should be used to eliminate all food particles. Rinse your mouth with clean water and ensure no food particles are stored between your teeth. Proper oral hygiene not only lets you breathe fresh air but also strengthens your teeth.

Follow a well-balanced Diet

Eating a lot of junk, oily foods, and sugary beverages often contributes to the development of certain bacteria, gradually leading to gum recessions and bacterial inflammation. And bad breath is one of the most common symptoms of gum recessions. Therefore, you must be careful about what you eat daily. Restrict yourself from consuming spicy junk foods. Say no to sugary drinks. Also, strictly avoid acidic foods and processed drinks. Instead of eating unhealthy junk, add some fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits to your everyday diet plan. Such wise choice of foods will reduce the risk of bacterial inflammation, contributing to neutralizing fresh breaths.

Do not smoke

Tobacco consumption is one of the possible causes of bad breathing. Smoking tobacco products daily often contributes to severe gum disease, eventually causing annoying bad breath. Also, regular smoking activities usually lead to chronic bad breathing. In such conditions, people are only left with one choice, and that’s quitting smoking. Restricting yourself from all kinds of tobacco consumption automatically solves this chronic bad breathing issue and eventually lets you breathe fresh. However, one needs to remain consistent in this no-smoke journey. Resuming the smoking habits can again lead to this bad breathing issue. Such strict and healthy actions don’t only improve your breathing but also offer excellent oral health. 

Use Fluoride based Mouthwash

Specific bacterial inflammation often causes bad breathing. In such a condition, one must pay more attention to oral hygiene. For a significant improvement, use a fluoride-based mouthwash. Rinse your mouth with such an effective mouthwash after finishing every meal. Fluoride is known for its antibacterial properties, reducing the risk of bacterial inflammation. Make sure the mouthwash you are using has no alcohol. 

Go for a Dental Checkup

People with bad mouth odor issues often feel embarrassed opening their mouths in front of a dentist. However, sometimes, this bad odor is caused by severe tooth infections. Only a dentist can fix such severe dental issues. Therefore, attending your dental checkup is an absolute necessity. Let your dentist perform a dental x-ray and detect whether there is any sign of severe gum disease or not. Retaining yourself from visiting the dentist may increase the severity of the problem and lead to gum infections. Such severe oral issues often lead to persistent bad breathing. In such conditions, a dentist can prescribe the right medicines and perform the needed dental procedures to cure the problem from its roots. Also, your dentist might share some great oral hygiene tricks with you to combat the issue of bad breathing. 

Use some natural Resources

Natural resources like mint leaves, parsley, Cloves, rosemary and fennel seeds reduce bad breath. Keep chewing these natural elements to neutralize your breath. Such natural resources have powerful antibacterial ingredients, combating bad breathing issues and allowing you to breathe fresh.

Visit a doctor

Persistent bad breathing often indicates severe health problems like gastric, liver, hormonal, and more. Constipation is another evident reason behind such an annoying odor. Such underlying diseases sometimes don’t produce any other visible symptoms. In such cases, you must seek medical treatment and let your doctor perform the necessary tests. You won’t get permanent relief from this stubborn bad odor until this underlying issue is cured. Therefore, you should visit a doctor, let them run the needed tests, and prescribe effective medicines.

Restrict the caffeine and Alcohol intake

Excessive caffeine intake often makes your mouth dry and generates a disgusting odor. At the same time, too much alcohol usually creates severe liver problems, leading to stubborn bad breathing issues. Therefore, it’s essential to restrict your caffeine and alcohol intake.  Instead of drinking caffeine beverages, drink more fresh water. Drinking such a healthy amount of water prevents dryness in the mouth, protects the PH balance, and allows you to breathe fresh. Also, remember to follow this regime every day. Do not indulge in overdrinking, as such activities can worsen the problem.


Bad breathing is a stubborn problem that can be cured by addressing oral issues. Start prioritizing oral hygiene and follow the above-listed tips adequately.  By incorporating some small positive changes, you can aim for significant improvements. From brushing your teeth mindfully to eliminating junk foods immediately, every step counts here. Also, you should never feel embarrassed or shy about visiting a dentist. Reach out to them on time to regain your lost social confidence. Remember, following these tips is not just about reducing the odor. It’s also about strengthening the teeth and contributing to greater well-being.