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8 Effective Acne Treatments

Acne is a common skin problem that affects billions of people worldwide. Although Acne is not a severe issue, it can lead to a lot of skin irritations and huge frustration. According to a recent survey, around 90% of people experience acne problems between 13 -26, which is considered a sign of puberty. Beyond age and puberty, other factors can trigger acne problems at any age. If you are looking for effective acne treatments, you must address those problems first. Heredity plays a significant role in causing acne. At the same time, dirt and impurities are substantial reasons for those stubborn acne. Likewise, people with hormonal issues like PCOD and PCOS often experience huge acne problems. However, the good news is that acne is treatable. In this article, we will suggest some practical tips that you must consider to control your Acne.

Address the Causes of Acne & Effective Acne Treatments

As mentioned before, various factors can trigger acne. If you are looking for effective acne treatments, you must address the causes behind such stubborn acne. Hormonal issues, stress, hereditary influences, improper diet, lack of sleep, dirt and impurities, sun exposure, and over-exfoliation can be possible reasons for Acne. 

Here, you must consult a dermatologist and let them spot triggering factors. This way, you will be able to understand which area requires your work and attention. If it’s related to your diet, you can always prepare a healthy diet chart. If it’s related to stress, you might look for some stress-managing techniques. Therefore, to achieve relief from this acne problem, you must address the reasons first.

Clean your face properly

Dirt, impurities, oil and invisible dead skin cells often block your pores and trigger severe acne problems. It can even lead to severe skin inflammation and cause nonstop acnes. Here, your only solution is keeping your skin clean and washed. Use an effective yet gentle cleanser to clean your skin. Double cleansing is an effective method to keep your skin crystal clear. Choose cleansers with a minimum amount of salicylic acid, which helps open the clogged pores. However, do not use salicylic acid regularly if you have dry skin. Also, you can use some rice water as the first step of this double cleansing. Rice water can remove all the dirt from your skin without causing dryness or itching. Follow up the next step by opting for a gentle cleanser. Such two-step cleaning will open your pores and remove the impurities.

Fix Your Diet Plan

Eating too much processed and oily foods often triggers severe acne acne. Sugar also has an equal contribution to triggering acne problems. However, sugar alone can’t cause acne. There are other factors simultaneously triggering acne problems. But sugar can worsen this acne condition. Higher sugar intake can slow down the acne recovery process. Therefore, you must eliminate the sugar intake and stop consuming sugary drinks. Instead, prepare a diet plan that contains a higher amount of green vegetables and seasonal fruits. Whole grains are a must-have for preparing a healthy and balanced diet. Such fresh vegetables can offer various antioxidants and reduce the risk of severe skin inflammation. At the same time, whole grains can lead to smooth digestion, significantly reducing acne problems.

Drink a lot of water

Drinking enough water should be on your to-do list if you are seriously looking for effective acne treatments. Water helps eliminate the toxins and impurities from your body and prevents internal acne. At the same time, drinking a healthy amount of water keeps your skin hydrated. And such well-hydrated skin is less likely to experience severe acne problems. Therefore, fix a goal of drinking eight glasses of water daily. Remain consistent about this healthy practice. Also, do not replace water with any commercial energy drink. Such drinks might offer instant energy and satisfy your thirst; however, they might exaggerate this acne issue.

Fix the Hormonal Imbalance

If you are diagnosed with a hormonal problem like PCOD, PCOS, or Thyroid, you must fix it with the help of a professional Gynecologist. They might prescribe you the right medicines that gradually reduce these hormonal problems. Also, they might suggest a few lifestyle changes that significantly contribute to reducing acne. Therefore, visiting a Gynecologist is essential to control this annoying acne problem.

Practice some stress management techniques

Stress often triggers severe acnes that last for a longer time. If you are experiencing stress for a constant period or going through some stressful events, your acne might be the result of such unbearable stress. Therefore, practicing some stress-management techniques would be ideal for acne treatments here. Deep breathing exercises, morning yoga sessions, meditation, mindfulness, and Jacobson are the most effective stress-management treatments, offering desirable results if practiced regularly.

Pick your skin care products wisely

Certain skincare products should be restricted for acne-prone skin. Oil-based moisturizers are one of those products that activate your sebum glands and produce excessive oil. Such oil often absorbs dirt, pollution, impurities, and dust, causing severe skin infections and stubborn acne. Therefore, people with oily skin must say no to these oil-based skincare products. 

At the same time, use Kojic and salicylic acid products. These anti-acne properties can potentially reduce the risk of breakouts, offering you clear, acne-free skin.

Use sunscreen while stepping out

When stepping out during the daytime, use good sunscreen. Direct exposure to harmful UV rays can trigger AcneAcne and skin tanning. Sunscreen works like a robust shield, preventing these damaging rays from harming your skin. Therefore, you must cultivate the habit of using good sunscreen regularly.

Final Thoughts

Although the above methods work fine in reducing stubborn acne, sometimes it’s essential to visit a dermatologist. If your acne is the reaction of severe skin inflammation, only certain effective medicines can treat it from its roots. However, it’s always beneficial to be kind to your skin and protect it from threats. We hope you find the above tips helpful and achieve flawless acne-free skin soon.