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Holistic Methods to Restore Hair Volume

In today’s hectic lifestyle, achieving healthy and sustainable hair growth is a real challenge. As people age, most lose 25% of hair volume each year, making our hair look thin and dull. In such conditions, we desperately purchase commercial hair care products that claim to restore hair volume. But remember, achieving voluminous hair is way beyond using some chemical-based hair care products. Research evidence has shown that holistic methods work more efficiently in reducing the intensity and frequency of hair loss. Adopting some small holistic approaches can add noticeable volume to your hair. However, you need to remain consistent in this holistic hair growth journey. This article unlocks the secret recipe behind strong and voluminous hair. 

The proper diet for healthy hair

Improper nutrition is one of the root causes of extreme hair loss, impacting hair growth and leading to thin hair. Here, the beginning step should be fixing your everyday diet plans. Prepare a diet plan that contains many healthy fibers, lean protein, unsaturated fats and some essential antioxidants. Research evidence has suggested that zinc supplements and vitamin C effectively increase hair volume. Therefore, you must eat foods high in zinc, vitamin C and other nutrients. Incorporate fresh citric fruits like oranges, grapes, and clementine into your daily diet.

Furthermore, following a Gerd diet can also offer a desirable result. Just follow such a healthy diet plan for a long time. Remember, the recipe for thick & healthy hair is a well-balanced diet plan filled with lean protein and all the essential nutrients.

Massage your Scalp with Rosemary Oil

If you are concerned about your dry, unhealthy scalp, it’s time to fix it with some practical applications of Rosemary oil. Researchers have stated that 40% of hair loss can be recovered by properly using rosemary oil. Add three drops of Rosemary oil into coconut oil and mix them properly. Now, massage your scalp with this effective herbal oil. Don’t be harsh on your scalp. Use your fingertips and massage gently. You can use this remedy once a week. Massaging your scalp with this effective rosemary oil stimulates hair growth, nurturing the hair follicles and preventing severe hair loss. 

Apply some Onion Juice to Your scalp

A research study 2014 proved that onion juice can stimulate significant hair growth and cure gray hair issues. If you can resist the intense smell of an onion, you can use it as your most potent weapon to recover hair loss. First, smash the onions well or grind them through using a chopper. Store the onion juice in a clean pot to apply it later on your scalp. For a smooth application, use a dropper. Ensure to use the juice only on your scalp, not your entire hair. Allow 15 minutes to let your scalp absorb the onion juice. Then, follow up with a mild herbal shampoo and conditioner.

Opt for Hair supplements

Regular light may fail to fulfill your nutritional requirements, resulting in thin and unnourished hair. However, some health supplements like biotin, collagen and omega-3 fatty acids can suffice your dietary criteria. Opting for such supplements can boost hair growth and nourish all the hair follicles from their roots. Researchers have stated that biotin significantly nourishes your hair and prevents massive hair fall. Hence, such healthy hair supplements can boost hair volume and optimize overall health. 

Focus on Hydration

Lack of hydration often makes your scalp dry, eventually affecting hair growth and dehydrating hair follicles. So, you must focus on proper hydration to restore hair volume. Drink a lot of water throughout the day. As a beginner, you may start with six glasses of water daily. With time, make it higher, like eight glasses of water daily. Such a higher water intake can protect your hair’s health and add more volume. However, do not drink any energy drinks or sugary beverages as a substitute for water. Remember, the consumption of sugary drinks is one of the significant causes for hair loss. Instead of drinking any sugary energy drink, you can opt for pure coconut water. Coconut water is rich in various antioxidants, adding more volume to your hair and preventing the risk of dehydration. 

Apply a Natural DIY Hair mask

Treat your hair with natural goodies instead of expensive hair care products. Take some honey, smashed banana and one tablespoon of coconut oil. Now, mix all these ingredients properly. Apply a thick layer to your hair and wait 15-20 minutes. Rinse it with fresh water. Doesn’t your hair look thicker and bouncy? This healthy DIY mask can hydrate your hair and add the needed nutrition. You can apply this mask twice monthly to experience a significant positive change.

Practice Stress relieving exercises & Mindfulness

Stress is one of the most evident reasons for hair loss. Persistent Stress and unexpected traumatic events often contribute to baldness. Stress directly impacts your overall hair volume and leads to hair thinning. However, practicing some stress-relieving exercises can effectively prevent hair loss. For a better and more sustainable result, practice some deep breathing techniques. Also, practicing Mindfulness daily can reduce stress levels, significantly restore hair volume and offer well-nourished and voluminous hair. 

Limit using heat and harsh chemicals

Overusing heat-styling appliances might cause intense breakage to your hair, impacting your hair volume and growth. At the same time, too much use of harsh chemicals can badly damage your hair texture and lead to severe hair loss. This is why you should limit hair styling tools and chemicals, an impactful step for regaining the hair growth.

Final Thoughts

Adopting some holistic approaches can nourish your hair from its roots. Every natural remedy speaks for your intense hair volume, from mindful eating to gentle hair massages. By following these holistic approaches, you can achieve noticeable hair growth. However, remember to be consistent about these holistic practices. Do not give up. It might take time and constant effort to produce a significant result, but it will be worth it.