causes of body odor

Learn About the Causes of Body Odor & Treatments

Body odor refers to a solid, annoying smell of the human body produced by the sweat glands. Although experiencing body odor is common and mostly harmless, it often leads to huge discomfort, social anxiety and embarrassment. From hormonal changes to nervous breakdown, many factors can trigger excessive sweating, eventually leading to solid body odor issues. According to research, the Sweat your body produces doesn’t contain any smell. However, when this Sweat comes across bacteria, it becomes a strong odor. 

Thus, excessive sweat and bacteria contamination primarily cause this annoying body odor issue. However, other significant factors directly contribute to triggering body odor problems. From eating unhealthy junk foods to consuming certain medications, there are certain contributing factors to body odors. In this article, we will point out those significant causes of body odor and suggest some natural remedies to eliminate them. 

Causes of Body Odor?

While addressing the trigger points of body odors, one should emphasize the role of sweat glands in causing body odor. Certain sweat glands, such as apocrine and Eccrine, contribute to excessive sweating. That’s not all. There are some other significant factors leading to intense body odor. 

Hormonal Alterations

People experience hormonal changes in various stages of life, such as puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. Such significant hormonal changes often contribute to strong body odor. For example, Women in their menstruation phase usually experience intense production of Estrogen hormone, leading to extremely annoying body odor. Such hormonal changes in different life stages are one of the leading causes of body odor issues.

Improper Hygiene 

Lack of cleanliness often stimulates bacterial production. Skipping baths or wearing the same clothes for long hours invites bacteria to prosper on your body. When these bacteria come in contact with excessive Sweat, they automatically produce a strong, unpleasant body smell.

Certain Medical Conditions

Certain medical conditions, such as liver problems, PCOS, and diabetes, can significantly contribute to this body odor issue. In such situations, one should seek professional help. A few medicines can improve these conditions and gradually reduce this stubborn body odor problem.

Food Habits

Certain foods like onions, meats, fish, and some spices can generate unpleasant body odors. Furthermore, people who consume alcohol, sugary beverages and processed junk are more likely to experience strong, unpleasant body odor. In such a condition, they might alter their diet plans with healthy meals. Consuming healthy and less-spicy foods can help you overcome this annoying body odor problem. 


Anxious people tend to sweat more. Their sweat glands become more active in stressful or anxiety-triggering events, leading to excessive sweating. In such a condition, the release of stress hormones also contributes to producing annoying body odor. Therefore, we can count anxiety as one of the significant causes of body odor problems.

What are some Effective Treatments for Body Odor Issues?

Although this body odor problem is very stubborn and embarrassing, it can be managed effectively with a few effective remedies. Here are some effective treatments to eliminate this intense body odor problem.

Focus on cleanliness & Hygiene

As mentioned, lack of cleanliness is an evident reason for foul body odor. Therefore, you must focus on maintaining cleanliness and improving hygiene. Bathing twice with clean water and some fragrant body wash can remove dirt and impurities. It can also reduce bacterial exposure, significantly reducing the risk of annoying odor. Use soap to clean your underarms, feet and private areas. Such a wise act will keep you fresh all day and help you eliminate bacterial inflammation and unpleasant body odor.

Go for some dietary modifications

The foods you put in your system play a significant role in this body odor issue. So, instead of eating too many spicy or oily foods, you can focus on a healthy diet like a gerd diet. Such a healthy diet plan contains many healthy fibers, lean proteins and all other essential vitamins and minerals. Despite serving so much goodness, these healthy diet plans don’t trigger body odor issues.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils like rosemary, lavender, Eucalyptus, and tea tree have great fragrances. Mix 3-5 drops of essential oils with clean water to bathe or wash your body. These natural fragrances last long. Furthermore, they can promote cleanliness and a deep sense of relaxation, reducing the risk of bacterial inflammation and minimizing stress hormone production.

Wear lightweight clothes

Wearing tight clothes often leads to over-sweating. Such tight clothes also promote moisture buildup, eventually leading to bacterial growth. Therefore, you should strictly avoid wearing tight or synthetic clothes, especially in summer. Instead, wear lightweight clothes crafted with breathable cotton fabrics.

Invest in Stress Management Techniques

As mentioned, stress and anxiety often trigger excessive sweating. Furthermore, they stimulate the production of stress hormones, which contribute to annoying body odor. To get rid of such stress-related sweating, one must invest in holistic approaches to managing stress and anxiety. Practice meditation and mindfulness daily. Also, invest some time in yoga and exercise. For more effective results, opt for counseling and therapies. Controlling anxiety is one of the most crucial steps for managing this persistent body odor problem.

Visit a doctor 

Remember, excessive sweating and intense body odor can indicate a few underlying conditions. You must visit a doctor if the above-mentioned methods fail to offer relief. They might prescribe the needed medicines and treat this problem from its roots.

Final Words

Although handling this body odor problem can be challenging and embarrassing, remember that every person experiences it daily. By addressing the causes and following the suitable remedies, you will experience a significant positive result. From focusing on personal hygiene to using some great fragrances, every step can help you walk towards a healthy and odor-free life. Just remember, experiencing body odor is a usual part of being human.