how to lose belly fat

6 Sustainable Lifestyle Changes to Lose Belly Fat Quickly

Belly fat, also called visceral fat, is known to be the most stubborn type of fat. Losing belly fat might require more time than you have ever expected. So, you must be more patient and follow the proper fat-loss methods. You might be watching lots of videos on how to lose belly fat; however, it might require some more effort. Remember, losing belly fat is about adopting some healthy lifestyle changes and sticking to them no matter what. From incorporating regular exercises to practicing healthy eating, every step counts. Here, we list some effective methods that can help reduce belly fat without causing any side effects.

How to Lose Belly Fat Quickly

Practice Healthy Eating

Research evidence has established the fact that certain foods can contribute to the weight-gaining process, leading to severe obesity. And belly fat is the most noticeable symptom of obesity. Hence, one must eliminate those foods from their regular diet to achieve proper control over weight gain.

First, limit all the foods that contain added sugar. Then, try to eliminate those foods rich in refined carbohydrates. Refrain from consuming fast foods much. These fast foods might satisfy your taste buds but often increase belly fat.

Now, add some healthy foods to your diet. Focus on a balanced diet that includes green vegetables, fresh fruits, dry fruits, lean proteins, and healthy fat. Here, we are listing some healthy additions to your regular diet.

  • Steamed vegetables 
  • Boiled eggs in the breakfast
  • Protein smoothie after workout
  • Roasted chicken and green salads for lunch
  • Avocado
  • Nuts & Dates 
  • Banana smoothie without any added sugar

Establish an intense workout routine

Be more disciplined when it comes to working out. Establish a strict workout routine, and do not skip your workout sessions unnecessarily. If you are a beginner stepping into this fitness journey to eliminate belly fat, start with cardio exercises. Specific cardio exercises like running, swimming, cross training, and cycling can quickly produce a desirable result, burning a moderate amount of calories and eventually losing the reduced belly fat.

After two weeks of intense cardio, your body might feel ready for strength training. Strength training helps to improve metabolism and eventually contributes to weight loss. As a beginner, to lose belly fat, you must practice squats, sumo squats, bench presses, chest presses, deadlifts, and lunges.

We are coming to the most compelling part of belly fat reduction exercises. Engage in some abs workouts to see a significant positive result. Abs workout helps to lose belly fat quickly without impacting your well-built muscles. Practicing specific abs workouts like Planks, sit-ups, leg raises, crunches, toe touch, and v-sit can produce a desirable result. Such a powerful abs workout helps minimize belly fat while building more strength and strengthening your core muscles. 

Remember to balance your workout regime properly. Do not focus on a specific type of exercise. Instead, follow the mix-and-match strategy. Devote three days for cardio, two days for strength training, and one day for abs workout. This way, you will build an effective workout routine appropriate for people with stubborn issues like belly fat.

Improve your sleep quality

There is another effective strategy for people still wondering how to lose belly fat. It doesn’t require much but considerable improvements in your sleep cycle. According to a research report, lack of sleep is one of the root causes of obesity, leading to overweight issues and belly fat. However, the solution is simple. All it needs is more improvements in your sleep cycle. Prepare a strict bedtime routine and stick to it no matter what.

Limit your screen time before hitting the bed. Instead, practice relaxation techniques like Jacobson, deep breathing, and pranayama before sleeping. Such relaxing activities will activate your parasympathetic nervous system and soon make you feel relaxed and sleepy. Also, people who suffer from sleep disorders can practice guided meditation. Guided meditation improves sleep quality, makes you fall asleep faster, and ensures uninterrupted deep sleep.

Limit Alcohol Intake

Higher intake of alcohol often leads to weight gain issues, including belly fat. Therefore, one must become strict regarding alcohol consumption. As mentioned, losing belly fat requires eliminating the ill habits and cultivating the good ones. So, let’s start this mission by eliminating alcohol intake. Such a healthy lifestyle will benefit you in the long run by improving your metabolism and limiting fat absorption.

Engage in stress-management Techniques & Practice self-care

Stress often contributes to body weight issues like significant belly fat and obesity, triggering more health issues and affecting your self-esteem. Recent research has established a surprising fact that chronic stress has a direct contribution to weight gain, particularly near the waist and belly area. Hence, learning some stress-management techniques and practicing them regularly is essential. Deep breathing, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and stretching help you achieve more control over your thoughts, reducing your stress level significantly.

Drink more water mindfully

Today’s busy work schedules often make us ignore our health, and as a result, we develop severe health issues at a very young age. Obesity is one of those severe health issues that cause significant weight gain and stubborn belly fat. One of the primary reasons behind such weight gain issues is dehydration.

In the pressure of meeting deadlines, we often forget to drink enough water, which affects our metabolism and leads to weight gain, including belly fat. Therefore, we must take care of the hydration part and drink more water mindfully. Remind yourself to drink a healthy amount of water every day. Coconut water is also a healthy option for people with dehydration issues. However, restrict yourself from consuming sugary or processed drinks.

Final Thoughts 

Adopting these listed lifestyle changes means you get one step closer to winning this belly fat challenge. Remember, it’s not only about losing belly fat and looking slim. Instead, it’s more about staying healthy and looking fit. You will see a desirable result with exemplary dedication and more patience soon. Just remember to remain healthy and focus on your wellbeing.