Male Menopause

Everything You Need to Know About Male Menopause

Male Menopause, also referred as Andropause, is an age-related condition that every man experiences at a particular stage. Although most people tend to associate the word Menopause only with women, men also go through a similar condition and experience similar symptoms. However, men’s Menopause is still an ignorant topic that requires more enlightenment and awareness. This article aims to spread awareness of the need for this. Here, we will talk about everything that you need to know about a man’s experience regarding Menopause. From symptoms to cures, this article will cover all the necessary information.

Symptoms of Male Menopause

Every man experiences this menopause phase at a specific stage of their life. As they age, they start developing some common menopause symptoms. Although the symptoms might vary from person to person, some symptoms are common in every individual. Here, we will discuss those most seen symptoms of men’s Menopause.

Affected Libido

Affected libido is the most commonly known symptom of Male menopause. A man who is going through this menopause phase may experience a sudden decline in their sexual energy. They might find it hard to engage in sexual activities. Also, maintaining an erection becomes highly challenging in this phase, impacts a person’s sex drives and makes them unable to perform sexual intercourse.

Weight gain issues

Menopause often affects metabolism and leads to excessive body fat and massive weight gain. In this stage of life, men usually develop fat in their abdomen areas. Men at their menopause stage often struggle to maintain a healthy body weight. In such a condition, they must push their limits and engage in active workouts. Such a healthy workout routine might help them control this weight-gaining issue.

Mood fluctuations

Hormonal imbalance often triggers early Menopause in men. In such conditions, they usually experience excessive mood fluctuations. Excessive sadness, hopelessness and lack of patience are the most evident symptoms of a man going through early Menopause. They often get irritated even with minor or harmless things. Although this mood fluctuation is a temporary thing, the most number of men suffer while coping with such intense changes in mood.

A feeling of Exhaustion

At the beginning stage, a man with Menopause always feels excessively exhausted. They even lose interest in performing their everyday activities. Despite not participating in any strenuous activities, they feel exhausted. Even after doing nothing, they often feel lethargic. However, the good news is that this fatigue disappears as time passes.

Lack of Sleep

A decreased libido often contributes to sleep disturbances, sleep apnea and Insomnia. A man who is going through their menopause period usually experiences trouble falling asleep. For them, even mild noises or little interruptions can cause severe sleep disturbances.

However, this problem becomes more intense as people age. According to research, the hormonal imbalance caused by Menopause is the primary reason behind such stubborn sleep disturbances. One must consult a doctor if they have been experiencing such sleeping problems for a long time.

Excessive night sweats

Due to hormonal imbalance, a man at their menopause phase often experiences excessive night sweats. This condition, known as night flashes, frequently interrupts sleeping and exhausts people at night. However, as time passes, this problem will be solved independently.

What Causes Male Menopause?

Menopause is a part of aging. While Menopause affects a woman faster and impacts their libido in their 50s, a man is less likely to experience menopause symptoms before their 60s. However, some significant reasons can speed up this menopause process for a man.

Suddenly reduced Testosterone level

Testosterone is responsible for keeping your libido stable, promotes sexual drive and increases erection limit. However, a sudden drop in your testosterone level can contribute to male Menopause, which affects your libido and sexual performance. For men, the early twenties is the age when testosterone production becomes high. And it starts declining gradually during your 40’s. However, some men experience a sudden or early decline in their Testosterone level, which is considered one of the most evident symptoms of men’s Menopause.

Poor Lifestyle choices

Certain lifestyle choices impact your libido and gradually lead to early Menopause. Higher consumption of tobacco and alcohol is one of those poor lifestyle habits that affect your sexual life and trigger menopause symptoms. Likewise, lack of physical activity and eating processed or junk foods often speed up this menopause process.

Undiagnosed Medical Conditions

Specific medical conditions like Diabetes, thyroiditis, chronic stress and headaches can contribute to male Menopause. Such undiagnosed health issues often impact the hormonal balance, which eventually triggers early Menopause in a man.


Certain medicines like antidepressants and opioids can cause an inevitable decline in Testosterone stimulation. We all know that the Testosterone hormone directly contributes to a healthy sex life. On the other hand, a sudden decrease in Testosterone production can cause Libido dysfunctions, which gradually display more evident symptoms of Menopause.

What Are Some Treatments for Male Menopause?

Although Menopause is a natural age-related process that hits every man as they age, sometimes this menopause phase occurs earlier. For such exceptional conditions, here are some treatment options.

Hormone replacement treatment

As medical science progresses, we witness a massive change in healthcare facilities. Hormone replacement treatment is a current example of such advanced medical facilities. This treatment approach aims to restore the testosterone level. It injects testosterone into your body via injections, gels, medicines, and more.

Lifestyle changes

Incorporating healthy lifestyle changes like mindful eating, practicing yoga, and engaging in meditation offers a sustainable cure. However, one has to remain consistent with these healthy lifestyle choices. Eliminating tobacco and alcohol is one of the most positive changes that produces a desirable result faster.

Herbal Medications

Certain herbal medicines have the power to restore your testosterone level, strengthen your libido and contribute to a healthy & active sex life. However, one shouldn’t consume these medicines without consulting a specialist.

Final Thoughts

We can’t deny the fact that Male Menopause is a natural process that affects every man as they age. However, early Menopause can cause severe complications. By incorporating a healthy lifestyle and seeking expert help, you can control the symptoms of Menopause and live a healthy and stable life. Remember, to achieve a recovery, you must acknowledge and accept that Menopause is a part of life.