treatments for Obesity

What Are Some Effective Treatments for Obesity

Obesity is a serious health condition that impacts millions of people every year. This condition is primarily featured by extreme fat accumulation, affects metabolism and triggers many other health issues. According to health experts, Obesity often triggers severe health issues such as cardiovascular issues, Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure and even life-threatening diseases like cancer. Beyond health problems, Obesity also causes immense body image issues. People with Obesity often suffer from lower self-esteem, which ruins their confidence and makes them excessively conscious about how they look.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Weight gain issues can be multifactorial. Numerous factors are associated with such a higher rise in Obesity. Everyone seeking effective treatments for Obesity must discover the root causes behind it. Therefore, before exploring treatment options, we must discuss the most evident causes of Obesity.

Causes of Obesity

As mentioned, Obesity is a multifactorial health issue. Several factors trigger Obesity regardless of age. However, the causes might differ from person to person. Here are some of the most common causes that can trigger Obesity even at a very young age.


Heredity plays an active role in causing Obesity. A person with a strong family history of Obesity is already at the risk of developing Obesity. According to a recent health survey, 40% of people with a family history of Obesity end up getting diagnosed with Obesity. Therefore, we can say heredity or genetics strongly contribute to triggering Obesity. However, genetics or heredity alone can’t always trigger severe health issues like Obesity. There are other influencing factors associated with heredity. Such intense association often triggers visible symptoms of Obesity even at a very early age.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Unhealthy lifestyle such as eating junk or oily foods, excessive alcohol consumption and lack of physical activities often cause excessive weight gain, gradually leading to more persistent health issues like Obesity. Also, drinking sugary energy drinks and increasing caffeine intake usually contribute to significant weight gain.

Stress & Depression

Researchers have found a solid correlation between stress and Obesity, stating the fact that chronic stress often causes Obesity. Stress and depression usually impact our digestive system, gradually affecting the metabolism and causing Obesity. Therefore, chronic stress and depression are considered as evident causes of Obesity.

Medical issues

Specific medical issues like PCOD, Thyroid and PCOS often contribute to huge weight gain. These health issues can lead to stubborn Obesity if they remain untreated. Also, taking medicines like Antidepressants and diabetes-controlling pills can trigger severe Obesity. In such conditions, one must seek treatments for Obesity and consult a health professional.

Treatments of Obesity

Although Obesity is a stubborn health issue, there are some lifestyle modifications and advanced treatments that can control or reduce the symptoms of Obesity. The efficacy of these treatments might vary from person to person. Remember, these treatments might take months to produce some visible results.

Dietary changes

Mindful eating and specific dietary changes can help you control rapid weight gain. People with such overweight issues must opt for some nutritional changes. Instead of eating oily, processed and junk foods, one must shift to boiled, steamed or roasted foods. A balanced diet containing healthy fibers, lean proteins, and unsaturated fats might help prevent such massive weight gain.

Add whole grains, green vegetables, dry fruits and lean proteins to your diet plan. At the same time, say a big no to sugary beverages, alcohol and excessive caffeine. Such a healthy choice of foods will significantly enhance your health functions and let you maintain a healthy body weight.

A Strict Workout Routine

People with severe health problems, such as Obesity, must follow a strict workout routine. As a beginner, you may start with basic cardio exercises like swimming, running, speed walking, jumping jacks, and cycling. These cardio exercises help burn those extra calories, preventing the risk of further weight gain.

Follow up this workout routine by adding some strength training. Strength training exercises like bench presses, shoulder presses, leg presses, and deadlifts help tighten muscles and reduce excess fat. However, one should always practice these exercises under the supervision of a professional and certified fitness trainer.

Aerobic exercises are also recommended for people seeking treatments for Obesity. Such intense workout sessions can smoothen your fat loss journey and minimize the risk of further weight gain.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Certain bad habits like eating excessive junk, drinking 5-7 cups of coffee and consuming alcohol can trigger Obesity. Also, some people tend to overeat during stress and anxiety, leading to numerous health problems, including Obesity. Such maladaptive behaviors can cause rapid weight gain.

In such conditions, one must visit a mental health professional or a therapist. Here, the therapist might arrange Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This therapy aims to change those maladaptive behaviors by identifying the root causes and offering the right solutions. However, one must attend all therapy sessions to see desirable progress.

Bariatric Surgery

In rare cases where fat loss becomes impossible, doctors might consider Bariatric surgery. In this procedure, doctors combine surgery and diet to speed up the weight loss process. However, such surgery should be performed only under professionals’ supervision. Also, specific tests might be required to perform such an advanced surgical procedure, offering more insights about your metabolism and BMI.


Certain medicines can improve your metabolism and reduce the chances of weight gain. Few medicines can even suppress your appetite, minimize your hungriness, and speed up the weight loss journey.

The FDA has approved certain medicines for people suffering from Obesity. However, these medicines might cause mild side effects if consumed for an extended period.


Incorporating a healthy lifestyle is one of the best treatments for Obesity. However, it’s always nice to associate some advanced fat loss programs with this health & fitness journey. Remember, discovering the root causes is essential to find the right solutions. Therefore, you must consider your body, its systems, and malfunctions. Do not hesitate to opt for medical treatments, as Obesity is a severe health condition that often requires special medical attention. With the right food choices and advanced treatments, you will get rid of this stubborn problem soon.