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What Causes Hair Loss? Explore Reasons Behind Hair Loss

Hair loss, one of the most annoying issues, affects billions of people despite age, gender and regional differences. Although everyone experiences hair loss at some point, excessive loss can be a serious concern. Excessive hair loss for a prolonged period can indicate severe health issues. Also, persistent hair loss can negatively impact a person’s appearance and self-esteem. As a result, new hair care products are invented daily, and experts are working hard to discover advanced hair plantation treatments. However, treating hair loss issues involves finding the root causes of hair loss. So, before addressing a remedy for such intense hair loss, we must delve into what causes hair loss. This article will discuss some evident yet surprising reasons behind excessive hair loss. We hope this fruitful discussion helps you to identify the primary reasons for hair loss.

8 Surprising Reasons What Causes Hair Loss

Genetic Contributions

Although it’s a medical fact, very few people acknowledge the role of genetics in hair loss. According to research evidence, hereditary hair loss is more common in men. Individuals with a family history of thin hair gradually lose their hair after a certain age. This condition is often known as male-pattern baldness or women-pattern baldness. With time, this condition worsens. People first experience this hereditary hair fall in their late 30s. And it keeps getting worse as they age, leading to permanent baldness if it remains untreated. However, effective medicines and a protein-based diet can slow down this hair fall process and prevent the risk of baldness.

Stress & Anxiety

Not everyone is aware of the scientific fact that our mental health has a direct connection with hair loss or hair growth. Excessive tension, chronic stress, extreme work pressure and anxiety can affect your natural hair growth and lead to excessive hair fall. Stress-triggered hair loss is referred to as Telogen Effluvium. This condition describes where many premature hair follicles enter the latent growth phase, causing excessive hair fall.

However, this condition can be treated by practicing some stress-reduction techniques. Incorporating morning yoga sessions, mindfulness, and breathing exercises work excellently to manage stress. Such healthy practices can eventually reduce hair loss.

Hormonal Issues

Hormonal issues automatically hit our minds whenever we discuss what causes hair loss. Few hormones, like Estrogen and Testosterone, have a significant role in hair growth. Any imbalance in these hormones stimulation can lead to excessive hair loss. Also, fluctuations in hormone levels can often cause uncontrollable hair fall. Women who are already experiencing hormonal issues like PCOS or PCOD are more likely to experience heavy hair fall. At the same time, Imbalance in thyroid hormones often triggers extreme hair loss.

People experience extreme hair fall in their special stages of life like pregnancy, menopause, puberty and post-pregnancy. Although several medicines can treat hormonal Imbalance and fix this hair fall issue, adopting a healthy lifestyle is the best effective remedy for hormonal Imbalance and offers a sustainable solution for hair loss issues.

Improper diet & Malnutrition

Malnutrition is a condition in which our body doesn’t receive the needed nutrition, impacting our overall health and gradually contributing to hair loss. Adequate consumption of healthy foods like green vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, seeds and healthy fibers can speed up hair growth by strengthening the hair follicles.

On the other hand, deficiency of iron, vitamin C, Carbohydrates and zinc can cause excessive hair fall. Individuals who are habituated to eating oily and junk foods will likely experience heavy hair fall. Therefore, a healthy diet is essential to prevent the risk of nutrition-related hair fall. Eating citric foods that contain higher levels of vitamin C can increase your volume and make your hair thick and nourished.

Excessive Usage of Harsh Chemicals

Excessive usage of heat styling can directly damage your hair texture. At the same time, chemical treatments can make your hair rough and dull, contributing to massive hair loss. Individuals whose hair often gets exposed to heat styling and curling wands are more likely to have a hair damage issue, which leads to excessive hair fall.

Also, using commercial hair products without reading or understanding the ingredients can cause extreme hair loss. Opting for herbal hair care products or products with mild chemicals can reduce the risk of hair fall.

Medicines & Medical treatments

If the above reasons don’t explain why you are experiencing such excessive hair fall and still wonder what causes hair loss, then it’s your turn to check whether you are on any medical treatment. Specific medical treatments like chemotherapy and radiation cause unlimited hair fall, gradually leading to baldness. Also, certain medicines like antidepressants and anti-diabetic drugs can directly affect your hair growth, leading to thin and damaged hair. Therefore, consulting a health professional is essential if you are experiencing sudden and massive hair fall. They might recommend hair growth supplements to prevent hair loss and produce new hair.

Drinking alcohol

Consumption of too much alcohol often leads to hair loss. However, it’s not a scientific fact. However, people with a habit of regular drinking usually experience massive hair loss. Therefore, the consumption of excessive alcohol can directly lead to numerous health issues, including massive hair loss. Limiting alcohol and practicing healthy eating can cure this hair loss issue.

Lack of Sleep

Sleep disturbances, lack of sleep and sleep disorders often trigger rapid hair loss. People who don’t even get 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep are more likely to suffer from hair loss problems. On the other hand, 7-8 hours of uninterrupted deep sleep can contribute to hair growth. Therefore, individuals with excessive hair fall must improve their sleep cycle to improve their hair growth.

Final Take

Hair loss is a severe concern triggered by several factors. Sometimes, controlling hair fall becomes so tricky that we start using random hair care products, which increases hair fall and contributes to severe hair damage. Remember, your hair care journey begins when you decide to address the root causes of such severe hair loss. You can find the right hair loss solutions with suitable hair care regimes.