Keto Challenges

Keto Side Effects: Navigating the Unknown Keto Challenges

The Keto diet is receiving overwhelming responses for its rapid weight loss result. This diet plan works by dramatically minimizing the intake of carbs. When your body enters this popularly known phase named “ketosis,” it makes fat the primary energy source. As the keto diet replaces carbohydrates with fat, fat becomes your body’s energy hub. Although most people achieve the ideal body weight through Keto, many individuals experience some severe keto side effects.

Hence, the keto diet is not suitable for everyone. While it might do wonders for many people, it can worsen one’s condition simultaneously. However, most people are only aware of the good sides of the keto diet. This is why this article aims to highlight the negative aspects of the keto diet. Here, we will talk about some serious side effects of the keto diet. Remember, the Keto diet has both short-term and long-term side effects. So, let’s step into the discussion, where we will identify those potential risks or side effects.

What Are Some Short-term Keto Side Effects?

As mentioned, Keto side effects are divided into two categories. One category includes the significant side effects, causing permanent health damage. Another is the short-term side effect that may or may not resolve with time. Let’s start with the primary or short-term side effects that people are more likely to experience from Keto diet plans.

Excessive weakness

People who enter this ketosis phase for the first time often experience excessive weakness. This weakness becomes so intense that it starts affecting regular functioning. Sometimes, Keto beginners feel exhausted despite not performing any heavy tasks. Such a condition often hampers the rhythm of a healthy, active life. However, this condition gets automatically resolved with time. If it persists for over two weeks, one must consult a doctor or dietician.

Nausea and headache

A lot of people complain that they have been experiencing nausea and headaches ever since they started following this Keto diet. Mostly, this sensation happens during the first stage of Keto. After the first two weeks, the body gets habituated to this keto routine, so you no longer experience such sensations. However, there are rare cases where people experience nausea, dizziness, and headache for a prolonged period. Such a situation happens because the Keto diet doesn’t suit everyone. Hence, one should always consult a professional before starting Keto.


One of the primarily known short-term keto side effects is flu. Most people who are new to Keto often experience fever-like symptoms. This state is often diagnosed as Keto flu. Experts say Keto flu is your body’s reaction to this significant dietary change. Your body is now fueling from fat instead of carbohydrates, so it often produces symptoms like the flu as a reaction to this change. However, this symptom often goes away after two weeks.


As a keto diet strictly limits fiber intake, you may experience stubborn health issues like constipation in the beginning phase of this keto journey. In such situations, experts often recommend low-carb food like whole grain. Such foods ensure a speedy recovery from this constipation issue. Also, sometimes, this issue gets resolved on its own. So there is nothing to be worried about. Most people face this problem in their beginning keto phase.

Bad Breathing

Bad breathing is one of the most common Keto side effects. Although this side effect often leads to embarrassment, it could be treated with the proper oral care. Also, this issue doesn’t persist for a long time. Instead, This bad breathing issue gets resolved once your body becomes habituated to Ketosis.

What Are Some Long-term Keto Side Effects?

A Keto diet may lead to severe and long-term side effects; hence, one must consult a doctor or a professional dietician before stepping into this Keto journey. Now, let’s learn about those long-term side effects.


Following a keto diet for a prolonged period may cause serious health issues like malnutrition. Malnutrition is a serious condition where your body suffers from nutritional deficiency. As the keto diet eliminates carbs, your body may lack essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and other antioxidants. Also, calcium deficiency is another primary keto side effect, primarily caused by a lack of calcium in your everyday diet plan.

Dysfunctional Kidney

There are lots of individuals who don’t consult a proper dietician or doctor before following a keto diet plan. They often consume readymade keto snacks, which might cause some serious ill effects. Following a wrongly prepared Keto diet plan can often lead to urinary issues, eventually leading to kidney dysfunction. The only way to prevent this issue is to drink more and more water.

Impacted Bones

Research evidence has proven that Ketosis can impact your bone’s health. Certain nutrients like vitamin D and calcium are responsible for bone’s wellbeing. A keto diet plan often affects the bones’ strength and functionality. Hence, if you sincerely want to follow a keto diet plan without harming your health, you must consult a professional dietician. Let your dietician prepare a keto diet plan and follow up with your dietician to achieve the best result soon.

Loss of appetite

One of the most commonly seen keto side effects is loss of appetite. When you follow a keto diet plan for a longer time, it directly impacts your appetite. You might feel fuller despite not having heavy foods. This state might become persistent and trigger severe health issues. Hence, one should consult a doctor immediately if they no longer feel hungry. Some slide changes in the diet plan may resolve this issue without impacting the desirable result.


Although the Keto diet offers numerous health benefits, including rapid weight loss, staying aware of its side effects is essential. One should always consult a doctor before starting one’s Keto journey. Also, some tests might be required to assess whether your body is suitable for Ketosis. Remember, a keto diet plan sometimes takes longer to offer the desired result. Also, combining some practical exercise sessions with your keto diet plan may speed up the progress.