Fatty Liver

6 Effective Tips to Manage Fatty Liver Issues

Fatty liver disease, a lifestyle disease, occurs when your body stores too much fat in your liver chambers. According to a statistical research report, more than 25% of adult people in the United States suffer from fatty liver issues. However, you can overcome this stubborn health issue with a few lifestyle changes and proper medications. Individuals with fatty liver disease sometimes don’t experience any symptoms. As a result, they often stay unaware of this serious health condition. In the beginning stage, fatty liver disease might seem harmless. However, with time, it becomes more severe, leading to life-threatening health conditions like liver cirrhosis. Then again, we have some good news. Fatty liver issues can be managed or even cured by healthy lifestyle choices. From following a 21 day fatty liver diet plan to adequate exercise, every step counts. This article aims to share practical tips for individuals with fatty liver issues.

What is Fatty liver Disease?

Before addressing the cure, it’s wise to understand fatty liver disease properly. According to health professionals, fatty liver disease has two primary types. One is Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (AFLD), and another is Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease is primarily caused by higher consumption of Alcohol. At the same time, Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease is often triggered by eating oily foods, lack of physical activities and insulin reactions. However, both conditions affect liver functionality by accumulating saturated fat in the liver.

How to manage Fatty liver Issues?

Although fatty liver issues are severe, we can manage or even cure them by following a healthy lifestyle routine. This article will discover some practical ways to deal with such stubborn health issues.

A healthy diet plan is a game-changer

Higher or regular consumption of oily junk foods is one of the possible reasons for fatty liver diseases. Having more saturated fats in your daily diet can trigger severe fatty liver problems. This is why most dieticians recommend a 21 day fatty liver diet. In these 21 days, a patient gets restricted from eating oily and processed foods. Such oily foods might satisfy your food cravings; however, they often contain higher amounts of saturated fat. And saturated fat is highly harmful for individuals already dealing with a fatty liver problem.

Therefore, one must restrict all kinds of junk intake. In these 21 days, let’s aim for mindful and healthy eating. Add whole grains, fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits to this 21-day diet plan. Dedicate these 21 days to boiled or baked foods. Design your food menus by adding liver-protective items like Salmon Fish, Nuts, dry fruits and leafy greens. Say a big no to refined oils while preparing your 21-day diet plan. Also, limit your sugar intake and stick to it for the rest of your life. Remember, half of this battle gets won when you strictly follow this 21-day diet plan.

Say no to Alcohol

As mentioned, alcohol consumption has a significant role to play in fatty liver issues. Individuals diagnosed with a fatty liver issue must be strict about their alcohol intake. Excessive consumption of Alcohol often triggers Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (AFLD), eventually leading to severe liver damage if it remains untreated. An individual with fatty liver issues should say a big no to Alcohol. Remember, drinking even after getting diagnosed with a fatty liver issue can cause Liver cirrhosis. Therefore, individuals with fatty liver problems must restrict themselves from any type of alcohol consumption.

Daily Exercise is a must-have

To achieve the maximum benefits of your 21 day fatty liver diet plan, you must regularly exercise. Practicing some cardio exercises and healthy eating can help you get rid of this severe liver problem. For beginners, trying some early morning cardio exercises is best. As time passes, you will gain enough strength to engage in strength training. Strength training exercises are very practical. Combine your cardio sessions with a few lifting sessions. Such an intense workout routine will speed up your fat-loss journey. During this period, focus more on your protein intake.

Avoid intense fasting

A lot of people choose crash dieting for rapid weight loss. Crash dieting or intermediate fasting might cause rapid weight loss, however it can be very harsh on your liver system. Such intense fasting often impacts your metabolic state and, makes your liver condition worsen. Therefore, instead of fasting you must focus on healthy eating. This might take longer time to produce the desirable result; however the result will be sustainable without putting any pressure on your liver system.

Drink sufficient water

Drinking sufficient water is essential to improve your overall liver functions. Water has a major contribution in flushing out the toxins from your body, making your liver strong and more functional. Therefore, you must increase your water intake. Sometimes, people choose processed energy drinks or sugary beverages to satisfy their thirst. However, these sugary drinks contain higher amounts of refined sugar, harm your liver system and trigger weight gain. Remember, there is absolutely no replacement for pure water.

Take your medicines on time

Although healthy lifestyle choices can offer some improvements, your liver might need more to achieve a speedy recovery. Therefore, you must consult a doctor and conduct all the thyroid tests your doctor gives you. Your doctor will examine your thyroid level and then will prescribe the needed medicines to treat the thyroid dysfunctions. Sometimes, individuals with severe fatty liver issues have to take medications for their entire life. However, let your doctor decide how long you need to rely on the medicines.

Final Thought

Fatty liver issues are often caused by improper or unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, it requires you put some efforts on making some sustainable lifestyle changes. By incorporating these above listed tips you can experience a positive result soon. However, you need to remain consistent in this journey of health and wellness. Remember here every right step gives you miles of success. Just make the right moves on the right time.